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Cannelle et Vanille (Cinnamon & Vanilla): food blog, stunning photos that makes you moan, to die for.

Ridan – Demain
very moving.

Je vendrai mon âme à qui la veut pour que demain tu vives si vieux,
Je ferai ce que je peux pour faire barrage pour que ta vie ne soit plus une cible,
Je prendrai leur flèches à bras le corps je prierai le ciel de faire un effort.

He has another song, L’agriculteur, which i also like a lot.

I’d say Duras’ La Douleur but i haven’t finished it yet, so the pick is Maximum City – Bombay Lost and Found by Suketu Mehta. I switched to it after my huge disappointment with Shantaram, really don’t understand why it got so big. I was gonna read Shantaram to prepare myself for Bombay, but couldn’t stand all the pretentiousness so i gave up after getting through the first half, i.e. 400 pages. Maximum City was well-researched, honest, and impassionate – journalism at its best. I finished it while in Pune watching the battle in Mumbai. It was so strange to be able to recognize, among other things, all the different groups that they identified including the dons and the D Company.


What to read after the Times of India, DNA, Express, after Reuters, AP, after bomb blasts, and floods, and bankruptcy?
Vie de Merde
Overheard in New York

A-genius. Full of sarcasms, self-poking fun.

a list of topic in March and things that apply to me:

Modern Furniture – beh
The Idea of Soccer – i grew up in VN, so “the idea” should be eliminated
Graduate School – true
Hating Corporations– too true
Bad Memories of High School – nope, i went to school in Vietnam
T-shirts – i’m ambiguous about this
The Wire – no comment, haven’t watched it yet.
Shorts – yup, except it’s not working this summer in VN; i’m mass attacked by mosquitoes.
Outdoor Performance Clothes – nope, i’m not at all sportive, especially by white standard.
Having Gay Friends – true, considering that i go to Wes, no surprise that at least half of my friends are queer
Saint Patrick’s Day – true, i was in New Orleans for SPD, no reason why i shouldn’t like it
Dinner Parties – true
San Francisco – true, even though i’ve never been there
Paris – sad but true
Should Children Drink Wine – again i grew up in VN; this is not the question.
Music Piracy – what can i say!? the only thing that i’ve ever paid for “full price” was probably Radiohead’s In Rainbows.

I just stumbled upon globorati, “the latest word in luxury travel.” First step, check out to see what Vietnam has to offer; there might be something to pass along to my CS comrades. (Seriously, no sarcasm there) .

A click on the country’s name redirects me to this recommendation of a bike tour that groups together 5 countries of south east asian mainland.
Let it ride:

After all, biking tours no longer mean roughing it among calf-swollen backpackers: now that it’s been dubbed “a beneficiary of the 21st century zeitgeist,” vacation pedal power is the new darling of the eco-intelligentsia.

Oh yes, just perfect for the “green-minded” travelers. Some other highlights in their itinerary:

Just thank your private Challenger jet as it wings you from Burma’s western plateau […] to the UNESCO Heritage streets of Hoi An in central Vietnam. And in the evenings, as B&R’s crack team tunes your hybrid bike for yet another adventure, you’ll recoup your legs in plush accommodations […] Here, in your raised pavilion suite, you’ll want to spend quality time in your soaking tub. Or you can seek out the spa, consistently rated among the world’s best.

and you would think that on such a site they would not dare poke fun at their readers/customers.