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rosesNot surprisingly, the new year came with a barrage of “Oh, when are you getting married? Time flies you know, you’ll get old before you realize it.” Of course I recognize the good intention behind; no one wants to see me turn into a spinster and my parents worried to death. My indifference exasperates them.

Because of my parents I moved home. Because of them i don’t entertain the thought of packing up and moving infinitely to South America in any foreseeable future. But I’ve also decided to live my own life, to be responsible for my own happiness. I won’t let anyone dictate what kind of job i should get, how much i should earn, who i should fall in love with, at what age i should get married. Not my parents, let alone the so-called society. Is this mere conceit/ego/pride of a 25 years old? To me it is simply a matter of being accountable for who i am; and if i misstep i’ll work hard to find the right track again. Read the rest of this entry »


Hello world and hello friends that stumble on my blog from time to time,

Here’s another attempt at jotting down my life.

Biggest news is that I’m back in Vietnam after 7 years. The typical reaction from relatives, friends, acquaintances was: Why did you come back? Why didn’t you just get married and settle abroad? It’s so chaotic back here you won’t be able to stand it.

There are various reasons, one being my stubbornness to prove myself, to prove that i can make it back here. It hasn’t been smooth. After years of living life the way you want it, moving back with any parents would be hard. Riding around in scooter is stressful; sometimes i feel like my head would explode if i heard another honk. I miss the ocean, miss the smell of salt, miss the taste of it when i lick my lips. And perhaps a time of more innocence and less worry. Read the rest of this entry »

That’s my graduation advice.
I left Wes at 10 a.m. this morning and am staying in New York for a couple of days. I arrived in the city and went out for lunch with Ivy and Keith at a Mexican restaurant. It’s a small cosy place, red and blue alternating on the walls and on the tables. The man working at the burrito bar, who I assumed owns the place, suddenly started singing. I couldn’t make out what language he was singing in, but his voice was surprisingly good. He reached all the high notes, while still having the male raspiness. When he came to our table with the food, I told him how much I liked his voice. He asked if I was a singer. I laughed, assuring him that it’s one of the things that I could never do: I’m terrible with pitch and always sing out of tune. He later came back to the table and asked me: What do you want to do in life? I was struck that someone would ask me that question just a few hours after I left college, but I didn’t want to take it very serious so I just laughed again and replied: definitely not singing. The man, still looking at me in the eyes, said: That’s ok, but look deep into yourself and ask what you really want to be, and let it be. And you can only be good at it with lots of practice, it takes hard work, but let it be, be yourself. You know the Beatles’ song? Let it be. Don’t read the Bible, read the Beatles.
Thank you for your words of wisdom.

hey you little girl!

why are you still being so selfish? any joy that comes to any person around you should also makes you happy, no? especially when they’re your friends! you know there’s no reason to get envious. grow up!