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recently rediscovered two songs

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Ridan – Demain
very moving.

Je vendrai mon âme à qui la veut pour que demain tu vives si vieux,
Je ferai ce que je peux pour faire barrage pour que ta vie ne soit plus une cible,
Je prendrai leur flèches à bras le corps je prierai le ciel de faire un effort.

He has another song, L’agriculteur, which i also like a lot.

I’d say Duras’ La Douleur but i haven’t finished it yet, so the pick is Maximum City – Bombay Lost and Found by Suketu Mehta. I switched to it after my huge disappointment with Shantaram, really don’t understand why it got so big. I was gonna read Shantaram to prepare myself for Bombay, but couldn’t stand all the pretentiousness so i gave up after getting through the first half, i.e. 400 pages. Maximum City was well-researched, honest, and impassionate – journalism at its best. I finished it while in Pune watching the battle in Mumbai. It was so strange to be able to recognize, among other things, all the different groups that they identified including the dons and the D Company.

What to read after the Times of India, DNA, Express, after Reuters, AP, after bomb blasts, and floods, and bankruptcy?
Vie de Merde
Overheard in New York

not much of a TV person, but 2 shows that i’d love to go see live:
and of course
The Colbert Report

God, he’s so sexy! xox

currently reading: Catch-22
Brilliant, hilarious, perceptive, ridiculous. I’ve laughed and cried so much. Full of absurd truths and truthful absurdities. Impossible to summarize all my thoughts.
most recent favorite quote: “anything [any country?] worth dying for is certainly worth living for.”

currently listening: la chambre renversée. First saw it on TV5, just after a few seconds, i was like OMG this is so cute. Not sure if i’d have loved the song if i hadn’t seen the clip. The images just fit so well with the music and the words. I’m not talking about the lyrics, but about the way the words sound. Together, they look like a children’s story, a lot of imaginations, uninhibited with innocence and simplicity. Makes me feel like floating all day long while listening to the song.