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1. the sound of the erhu when I play solo. Sounds like a chicken getting killed.
2. wedding and engagement albums that friends upload to facebook.


We just had our performance last Sunday. I haven’t seen the video yet, but I think it went better than I’d expected.
This is a photo of the ensemble right before we stepped out on stage.

We played 5 pieces, and my favorite was 漁歌 (Fisherman’s Song – Ngư Ca). The arrangement for erhu – the instrument that I played – is definitely not the most complicated, but it is so peaceful. I can imagine myself in a small boat, cradled in a big body of water. It’s early morning, the air is brisk, and there’s some rice wine to keep the body warm 🙂

Learning the erhu was definitely one of my two big accomplishments this semester, the other one being learning how to (kinda) swim. I’d love to keep practicing, but not sure how I’d do it on my own from now on.