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I started this blog and decided to name it “musing on the road: here, there, and everywhere” right before I left France the summer of 2008. France was the official start of my traveling curse, which I was more than grateful to embrace. A couple of short trips, one to the Balearic islands, the other to Algeria, and at the end of my time in France, I knew that I didn’t want to come back to the U.S. right away. I ended up in India. And after that, punctuated with semesters back in school were months in Peru, Mexico, and Cuba. I went as far as my time and finance would permit. The finale was 2 beautiful years in Hawaii. I was there for school so technically I can’t call it traveling. But the islands are so beautiful I just have to brag about them.

I always thought that once i got back home i’d not be able to travel much again, that i’d have to settle down so to speak. Read the rest of this entry »


Hello world and hello friends that stumble on my blog from time to time,

Here’s another attempt at jotting down my life.

Biggest news is that I’m back in Vietnam after 7 years. The typical reaction from relatives, friends, acquaintances was: Why did you come back? Why didn’t you just get married and settle abroad? It’s so chaotic back here you won’t be able to stand it.

There are various reasons, one being my stubbornness to prove myself, to prove that i can make it back here. It hasn’t been smooth. After years of living life the way you want it, moving back with any parents would be hard. Riding around in scooter is stressful; sometimes i feel like my head would explode if i heard another honk. I miss the ocean, miss the smell of salt, miss the taste of it when i lick my lips. And perhaps a time of more innocence and less worry. Read the rest of this entry »

I finally got my visa on Thursday, after 6 visits to the Mexican consulate. I was sad that I would not see the receptionist and the two security guards anymore; they were always very sympathetic each time they saw me turn up at the door looking both helpless and exasperated.

Today’s my last day in Oakland, and maybe in the U.S. I might not be able to come back to the States when I’m done with my internship in May. I’ve been thinking about the 3.5 years that I’ve spent here. I have changed so much and yet I am still the same person. I still feel many things that I felt when I first left home and came here the summer of 2005. But this may be something that I can better think about when I’m in Mexico.

Anyways, it has felt real good to have something to look forward to so that my days wouldn’t feel so pointless. Over the next few months, I won’t have to worry about how to occupy my time every morning when I wake up. I have so many plans for Mexico, to work hard, to meet people and get to know the city, to live on and only on the $500/month stipend, to have my friends come over to visit, to hopefully find a Bharatanatyam class, etc.

Mexico, here I come.

sin cadenas – unchained
Without chain on my feet
I started to walk

Wish me luck on this journey.