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In Kolkata, the women don’t seem to care about the scorching sun and the suffocating dust, such a fresh switch from the Vietnamese with our own “hijab” (only eyes shown), and the Singaporean who seek refuge under awnings.
In Ahmedabad, women also wear “hijab” though all of them are clearly not Muslim. I was surprised and my first thought was maybe these girls just wanted to avoid stares on the street by covering up. And how ignorant i was. They have the same concern and came up with almost the same solution as Vietnamese. I have to give them credit because their scarfs look so much more elegant than our ninja masks, but maybe not protective (read hard-core) enough to our standard.


Full name, Full address, ID/Passport number, and Phone number. For God’s fucking sake!

Ahmedabad in shock after blasts

This is the city i’m going to for next semester. The organization i’ll be working for focus their effort exactly on this kind of problem: the tension between the hindu and the muslim communities. Yes, i’m fascinated by their work and that’s why i chose to work for them. But, to be honest, i’m scared, not sure if i’ll be able to deal with all the complexity of the situation, and also for my own security. Except that i’m not saying any of these things to my parents lest they be worried.
That’s how it is in my family. We deal with problems by ourselves because we don’t want to trouble others. My parents try to encourage my sister and me to confide in them and consult with them, especially since we’re away most of the time, but they always do exactly the opposite. This has been going on for so long that now i’ve ended up with this habit: either i don’t talk about the problem, or i’d make it lighter and put on a bold front. This helps in another way since my parents don’t seem to understand that i can be happy with my choice and be worried about what it might lead to at the same time. Like, i’ve been really stressed out about finding a job in Vietnam after i graduate. Let’s face it, a degree in sociology doesn’t mean much here. And all the NGO jobs i’ve been checking out requires years and years of experience which i don’t have. I’m not at all confident that i’ll be able to live out my idealistic life. My parents don’t need to know this: they’ve always talked about why i should regret not majoring in something like economics. No, mom and dad.

On a different note, kinda related to the first news:
Israeli force kill two Palestinians on the West Bank city of Nablus; Islamic Jihad threatens retaliation
I almost stayed there as well, at An-Najah university where they had the camp. I don’t think this even made to the headlines, a trite story probably.