A few months ago, my mind wandered back to a song that I was obsessed with in high school. I tried to search for it but I didn’t remember neither the title, nor the singer. I could almost hum out the melody, but not quite. The only thing that I knew for sure was that it had funny Sino-esque flash animation, and it might have been the first Viet music video using flash. With such little recollection, no wonder I could not find anything, though I even combed through my old emails to see if by chance I had sent it to someone. I remember I was listening to it every single day and telling all my friends about it. No luck.

Till today!

I was looking for Chinese music to download when I came across a song by Richie Jen and that catchy melody was instantly recognizable. So turned out it was another song ripped off from Chinese (typical in Viet music), and the song that I once couldn’t get enough of is Thằng Tàu lai (mixed Viet-Chinese kid) by Jimmy Nguyen, a Viet-American singer. The lyrics is quite silly, and the animation is even more nonsensical. It might be just nostalgia, but it still gives me a laugh. And yeah, I used to wail along Đau, đauuuuuu!

The Viet version’s lyrics has nothing to do with the original Chinese, which is also rather silly and light-hearted, about a guy unlucky in love because he can’t understand girls.