I wrote about wanting to be proficient in 8 languages almost 2 years ago already. Unfortunately very little progress so far. I did spend a year working on a spanish blog for other Vietnamese learners. I stopped a whiiiiile ago, but I believe it’s still one of the top 3 results on Google for learning spanish/ teaching yourself spanish/ spanish grammar/… (if you type the search term in Vietnamese of course). I also read a dozen or so books and novels in Spanish. But my weakest has always been grammar, and it wasn’t until very recently that I sat down with a grammar workbook. And of course I chided myself for not having done it earlier. Finally understanding the nuances in different forms of talking about a possibility in the past is a real beauty. These nuances, whether in pronunciation or meanings, delight me. I wish I had someone to practice with, but where I live and the lack of a reliable schedule have made it impossible.

And I was mistaken thinking that my next language would for sure be Portuguese. I love that language, no doubt, and have even gathered a bunch of excellent materials to learn, but the one I’m working on now is actually Arabic. It’s bewildering. Quite a few new sounds that I can’t yet distinguish. nd thy wrt lk ths, i.e. they write without vowels. thnk gdnss there are only 3 of them. J/k! t dsn’t mk any easier for a beginner. The script is actually quite fun, gotta stare at them and count dots and dashes since there are so many similar shapes. But hey, they have a letter that looks exactly like a smiley face to cheer you up. This bbc article says I should only use my brain’s left side to read arabic because it’s the detail-oriented side. Quite tricky because we involve both hemispheres to learn new tasks (and they haven’t discovered a button to turn the hemispheres off at will yet, have they?). This is particularly bad news for me, because as I like to say in job interviews, I’m the “global picture” kinda gal 🙂 oh well, insha’allah as they say.