My parents are finally visiting me after having talked about it for over 2 years. And they’re disappointed at my living situation. To be honest, i was expecting just as much, but still can’t help feeling disappointed at their disappointment. After so many years i wish that they could finally understand that I’m simply not one who can go through the motions without any thought: graduate from college, get a stable job, get married, make babies, make money to raise said babies and maintain the the middle class lifestyle. I want my life to be more intentional, and more colorful and flavorful. But sometimes it gets pretty tiring not knowing what the next phase is gonna be and nothing is ever for sure. I can’t give my parents the guarantee that things will keep getting better, because i simply don’t know and no one does either. Đường rộng không đi sao đi vào lối nhỏ? Why don’t you walk on the big road instead of keeping to the small path? “Someone is giving you $50k a year for free why don’t you study something with a good financial return (i.e. econ) ; it’s one in a life time chance.” But mom, it’s one in a lifetime chance to study what interests me and have someone pay for it. “Why do you choose to waste your time in this provincial city living in a small rental apartment instead of living at home in our big nice house in a big city?” I know it’s not the most luxurious option but it’s perfectly adequate for a young single adult and i love big cities too but there are lots of tradeoffs and for now my work here is really good… I too sometimes wish i could see what’s at the end of my small path but i can only live and wait to find out. Not following a fixed route and living without role models is already taxing enough; i don’t want to have to be so defensive of my choices all the time to those dearest to me. I wish that they’d accept me as an adult who’ll always try hard to make the best of my situation even if it’s a bit unconventional. I wish they could be more understanding and supportive, instead of questioning and disapproving. Am i simply too stubborn to realize that I’m not living life responsibly enough? That it’s not good enough to simply be “good enough” and not “great”? I understand that parenting is a difficult job and to parents we will forever be small children, but I’ve lived by myself and without financial support from my parents for 10 years, at what point will I finally be granted a bit of recognition for my autonomy?