Jan 1-15: US/ Jan 16-20: Sai Gon/ Jan 20-Feb 10: Da Nang/ Feb 11-28: Ha Noi/ Mar 1-24: Da Nang/ Mar 25-31: Sai Gon/ Apr 1-10: Taiwan/ Apr 11-20: US/ Apr 20-27: Da Nang/ Apr 28-May 10: Ha Noi

I still get energized by speed packing everything into a carry on, walk out and close the door behind, excited that I’d soon get to see this and that friend and go have such and such food. But more and more, there’s a persistent feeling of yes I can live anywhere and adapt and meet people, but nowhere is really home. Nowhere that I have to stay and try my hardest to make it. Nowhere that I can say: this is my place and I’m gonna be here for a while and you’ll sure find me when you’re back. I could stay, I could leave. There’s almost no difference.

Đi đâu loanh quanh cho đời mỏi mệt/ Trên hai vai ta đôi bờ nhật nguyệt/ Rọi suốt trăm năm một cõi đi về.