Nov 2014

Annapurna basecamp

At the foot of snow-capped giants.

I often say the closest to a religious experience I’ve ever had is when I behold the beauty of unspoiled nature. Captivated. Euphoric. Awed. The clarity comes intensely of what truly matters in the end. And when I think back on those moments, I often take the bird’s eye view: me as a tiny speckle that merges into the landscape in that very instant. I transcend. Or I am transcended?

I’m not too good with words, and often find it hard to adequately describe my experience and my innermost feelings. And sometimes, you just have to be there, be present, and feel it. There’s no other way.

Annapurna basecamp, sunrise, Nepal, Sanctuary, avalanche cloud

sunrise hitting Annapurna and clouds rising from avalanche on the other side

Annapurna basecamp, sanctuary, Nepal

Annapurna basecamp, sanctuary, sunrise, Fishtail, Nepal