Oct 26, 2014

Ghalegaon, Lamjung

Annapurna, sunrise, Ghalegaon, Lamjung, Nepal, Gurung village

Annapurna, sunrise, Ghalegaon, Lamjung, Nepal, Gurung village, Lamjung Himal

If I were a poet or songwriter, I’d compose something along that line of inspiration at sunrise today in Ghalegaon. Watching the sun light up Annapurna and Fishtail, first orange and then that clear uninhibited view of white snow. Pure, untouched. Watching the soft unformed clouds, or more like moisture still, rise up to Lamjung Himal as sun rays fell on top of the hills spreading out in front of it, the interlayers of light and shadow.

I could just dance in the mountain.

For a moment, I wish I was all by myself in this morning quietness. (It was just the 3 of us, so still excellent.)

The mountains are imposing but the feeling is different from the Andes, even though they’re much higher here. Maybe because the village is much lower and not as cold.

I was super bumped yesterday when told about the ACAP permit that is single-entry only, which means I’ll have to pay again later. So my plan might change yet once more, after countless times already. But I’m ok with it now. Am reminded of the spontaneous nature of traveling not in a tour, doing things in the moment, deciding on feelings and weather. Not being sold on a fixed thing. Let go. Be with the flow. Enjoy what is there. Sure the girls slowed me down considerably, but we have such engaging conversations. And they help me to understand so much about culture and history. And I’m not in a race after all. I guess I also feel a bit responsible to push them to do “the most difficult thing they’ve done in life,” to see this beauty of their own country.


Oct 27,

Annapurna, sunrise, Ghalegaon, Lamjung, Nepal, Gurung village, Lamjung Himal

Annapurna, sunrise, Ghalegaon, Lamjung, Nepal, Gurung village

Last sunrise in Ghalegaon. We woke up a bit earlier to watch a true sunrise. Saw the first light hitting Annapurna and Fishtail, and then the sun rise from the right of Lamjung.

Compared to yesterday, I already lost some sense of wonder. Yesterday when I walked out of the house and was greeted with a clear view of Lamjung, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I kept saying OMG and touching my face. This is a reminder to be grateful, appreciative of the beauty that’s around each and every day.

Annapurna, rainbow, Ghalegaon, Lamjung, Nepal, Gurung village, Shangri La