moon over Marble Mountain, Da Nang, Ngu Hanh Son

Marble Mountain Ngũ Hành Sơn

Son Tra peninsula, Monkey Mountain, Son Tra mountain, Da Nang

on the way down from Kuan Yin

Son Tra mountain, Monkey mountain, Da Nang

Nepal is coming up fast and I have so many things to take care of before I depart: work, online courses, buying gifts for friends, contacting friends, getting info, and most important of all, getting back in shape. I’m not paddling as regularly now as I have to train for walking with a load on my back while wearing shoes. I go to Marble Mountain 2 or 3 times a week. Started with a 5L bottle of water in my pack and clocked 20 minutes for one round trip. The climb is only 160m and fewer than 350 steps. Now I can do 15 minutes one round trip with a 8kg pack. I try to do 3 lapses with 2-3 minutes break at the top. The uneven stairs is a great workout, and the final stretch is shielded from the breeze and I get really sweaty and out of breath. I also walked up the KuanYin Linh Ứng temple, which turned out disappointingly easy. It’s 2 miles one way and took me 42 minutes to go up and 38 minutes to go down. Very little difference because the incline is so gradual. The last route I did was also Son Tra mountain, but the other way entering from the southwest instead of southeast. I started late and had to turn back at km5, a little past half way to the top. The road is steeper on this side and I clocked 75 minutes up and 55 minutes down. If the rain isn’t so bad this week, I’ll go back again to make it all the way to the top. Very pleasant walks and I’m the only one walking on the road.