Part 1 here, written September last year.


the arts of sitting on kiddies’ chairs


Restaurants: I’m combining both Vietnamese and Western this time ’cause some of them don’t fit in either.

– Madame Lân: My new favorite! I had passed this place so many times but didn’t go until a couple of weeks ago. The menu is Vietnamese and extensive, and the prices are very unexpectedly reasonable. You can get a variety of noodles or order dishes to share family style. Love sitting by the infinity pool and get the breeze from the river.

– Hà Nội Xưa: I’m extra picky when it comes to Hanoi food. I know what it should taste like, and outside of Hanoi, it goes wrong way too often. This place is quite strange compared to the normal Vietnamese place. It’s closed on Sunday, they sell one dish for breakfast, and one dish for lunch/dinner. They can sell out pretty fast too, and never seem too interested in making more, or opening longer hours.

– Pizza Hug: the bastard child of Vietnamese noodle and Italian pasta, i.e. pasta way overcooked and soggy in a bath of sauce.

– Hang’s kitchen: My go-to when I crave extra protein in the form of burgers. It’s my favorite in their menu. They have promotion night (buy 1 get 50% off) and also Mexican night, but I’m not fond of their version of burrito which I find way too soggy and lacking in ingredients. Bonus point: They always deliver with a free copy of the Word, a high quality travel lifestyle magazine for expats in Vietnam. And their restaurant has a few racks of books for you to browse or borrow, or in my case, they even gave me for free!

– Family Indian restaurant: Everyone raves about this place. At least everyone I know in Da Nang that eats Indian food. I went once and can’t even remember what I got because it was pretty mediocre.

– Mumtaz: For Indian, I prefer Mumtaz. My friend was visiting and the 3 places that we wanted to check out were all closed that night. Not knowing where else to go, we cruised the street and happened to see Mumtaz and decided to give it a try. Good curry, but lassi is too cardamom-y.

– My Casa: a new-comer that is trending right now with a menu boasting Spanish, Italian, and Malaysian food. I haven’t tried their tapas. Their home-made pasta is a hit with ground beef, and a miss if it’s carbonara. I’d not get the Malaysian dishes. Nice outdoor seating but beware of mosquitos.

– Tam’s Pub and Surf Shop: ok, this place has history, I get it. But I don’t get the rave for their burgers. Average.

– Waterfront: Good pasta, decent burger. Now I’m thinking I’m also extra picky when it comes to burger though I’m not from burger-land.

– Sakura Friends Cafe: Run by a Japanese charity in support of an orphanage, next door to Japanese language center. The menu has everything from green tea drink to tempura to soba. The food isn’t amazing but it’s cheap. I love the quite atmosphere, the wooden decor, and best of all the small but very pleasing garden that shields us from the noisy street outside.



Bars & cafes:

– Lido: My favorite. I usually hang out by the pool table. Music is never too loud and lots of time they play classic rock, or they play on request. Some kind of happy hour going all night long.

– Dana beach club: Good place to get a beer in late afternoon, early evening as you can lounge right on the beach. They used to have a Filipino band playing from time to time, but I haven’t seen them for a while.

– A la carte: Best view! 360 degrees panorama of the city, river, mountain, and ocean. And a rooftop infinity pool. Prices a bit expensive for Da Nang but nothing outrageous.

– Chu’s hotel: Where I go for a quite night to sip on a cognac. Live piano & violin at weekends.

– Saloon 17: Where you go to go deaf and reeked of cigarette smell, and to drop money. $40 for a beer tower of the shittiest kind that gives you a meanest headache the next day. Never again.

– Nep’s cafe: The opposite of Saloon 17, except for the dim lighting. The owner is the sister of a famous singer, and the vibe is a bit too artsy even for me. Great place to take your date if he/she is alternative minded.