Everyone has their own curse. When I first went to the US, I outweighed the freshman 15, going from 105 to 122 lbs in just 7 months, thanks to a nightly diet of quesadillas and mozzarella sticks paid for by pampering upperclassman. My parents panicked a little seeing my manapua face in the photos I emailed home, and gently advised me to watch my eating as they didn’t want me to become too American. Didn’t happen; my weight stubbornly hovered around 120. But once I returned home, the old weight also decided to come back. I already eat more than any of my female friends (except for the pregnant ones) and yet the fat or muscle or whatever it is between my skin and my bone keeps disappearing. It’s disgusting how easily I can count my ribs. Blame it on the no-cheese diet.

Fed up with this pathetic lack of meat, I decided to go on the offensive: 1.3 liter of oatmeal shake every day: 80g dry instant oat, 200ml low fat milk, 200g plain yogurt, 1/3 tbsp PB, and a variety of fruits. I’m having fun with experimenting new tastes, like adding passion fruit, ginger, cacao powder, or putting carrot pulp back in the mix. But cleaning a 8-piece blender/juicer is a pain. And it’s not easy to down 1.3liter; my belly is bloated. Desperate measures for desperate times. It’s been a week and I’m not seeing any changes yet, but crossing my fingers it will leave some visible trace.

shake collage