Is my new favorite destination in the country: peaceful cajuput forest, strange temples and pagodas in the mountains (hundreds of them), 4 wheel cyclos, cheap riverside restaurants, and a basa catfish monument that involuntarily marked the death of the province’s industry.

Trà Sư cajuput forest: We rented a motorbike and didn’t check carefully enough to realize that the foot break was not functional. Bad mistake. I was the driver and didn’t follow the sign ’cause wanted to look around. Ran into some people who directed us to go by ourselves directly to the sampan dock for a cheap tour. Lucky us! Unluckily, the road was narrow and muddy and under my hands, we almost ate it a few times while going back and forth between shrieking and laughing. The adrenaline pumping ride contrasted sharply with the leisurely sampan tour into the picturesque forest and its myriad of canals to look at storks walking on water and hairy heron babies sitting on tree tops.