I love being active, especially in the open air, but the word exercise makes me wince. I’ve only been to the gym maybe 3 times my whole life. Why would I want to do something repetitive like running a million steps in a repetitive environment of rows of treadmills and benches with a bunch of grimacing sweaty people? Not attractive! Actually I take back the being active in the open air. I wouldn’t enjoy running on asphalt sidewalk either. 60 minutes of discomfort and pain in exchange for a few minutes of triumphant is not cost effective to me. It has to be fun, and preferably in beautiful nature. Dancing, surfing/swimming in the ocean, hiking… Don’t tell me that running is fun to some people. Please. Runners all have earphones on with pumping music to make time (and pain) pass faster.

Now, the sad thing is that I don’t always get to do what I prefer. Such is life. I’m not complaining since I already spend half of the year by the ocean. But yeah, for those few times when I actually need to burn a few kcal to feel less restless, I’ve found THE one.

The 7-MINUTE workout

That’s right. There’s no typo. It’s 07 minute. And even better, I can do it in the comfort of my bedroom with just my panty on. Yahooooo!

There’s even a timer website for it, and countless apps.

We truly live in the age of convenience and I love it.

7 minute