I can’t believe it took that long for me, a self-professed chronic procrastinator and internet reading junkie, to find this new lifestyle manifesto: Structured Procrastination.

It’s like when I was first introduced to the concept of introversion vs. extroversion: Not that introverts shun social interactions and extroverts seek them because I’m neither, but that introverts get energy from alone time, and extroverts get energy from group environment. Everything in my social life suddenly made sense; everything fell in place. Or when I came across the idea that there are specialists and generalists, people who have one all-consuming passion and people with many different interests, and they all have their places and serve their purposes in society. And I became so accepting of my self and my lack of devotion.

I’d always derided myself for my procrastination issue, but I can’t find a good reason to avoid activities like reading news and interesting stories and writing this blog or my Spanish blog. And I now thank Structured Procrastination for convincing me to embrace my way of life and making the most out of it. Following the advice given, I wrote down a lists of all my projects and tasks and sort of prioritized them but not really. And if I don’t want to get started or continue on with the topmost one, I’m just gonna be productive and work on others that are just as worth spending my time on. And if I want to avoid any other commitment, I look at my already long list and click my tongue regretfully and say no. So today, in no particular order: I rough translated a couple of chapters for my other blog, entered 3 surveys for my job, researched my travel plan, watched videos for my online course. And oh, I took a board out to paddle. It’s been a long long time that I was out in the water. My arms were killing my shoulder after 10 minutes of gentle paddling. But still so exhilarating and I just couldn’t help laughing like a maniac out there all by myself. Luckily the waves were loud enough to dwarf my laughter or else some people would be perplexed. Good day indeed.