standing Buddha, Ananda temple, Bagan, Burma, MyanmarStanding Buddha, Ananda temple, Bagan: The temple has four massive standing Buddhas, each 9.5m, facing the 4 cardinal directions.

Buddha behind bars, Ananda temple, Bagan, Burma, MyanmarBuddha behind bars, Ananda temple, Bagan

Ananda temple, Bagan, Burma, Myanmar


sitting Buddha, Manuha temple, Bagan, Myanmar, BurmaSitting Buddha, Manuha temple, Bagan: built by Manuha, the captive Mon king, the colossal statues are housed in a tight vault, depicting king’s feeling of confinement living under his captors.

declining Buddha, Manuha temple, Bagan, Burma, MyanmarDeclining Buddha, Manuha temple, Bagan: Manuha praying to never return to the life of a captive.


Buddha statue, Sagaing Hill, Burma, MyanmarBuddha techno-style, Sagaing Hill

Bagan, Burma, Myanmar

Bagan, Burma, Myanmar

Mandalay, Burma, Myanmar

giant bell, Sagaing, Mandalay, Burma, MyanmarThe giant bell of Mingun. At 90 tons (or 55555 viss, Burmese old unit of measurement), it was the heaviest functioning bell in the world up till 2000.