We took them all!

Tricycles, or trikes, pedaled or motorized:trikes

inside trike

Another model:


Nice bus:

nice busLess nice bus

less nice bus

Shuttle van:van

The famed decked-out jeepney: cheap and convenient, only 8 pesos a ride, but at risk of diesel exhaust poisoning.


Another color scheme:

jeepney (2)

Public bangka (outrigger boat): if you take them on rough days like we did, you’ll get a free workout for your arms, from holding down windows and canvas flies to keep the water out.


Ferry: this one was 16 hours from Surigao to Cebu. I didn’t pee not even once. Flanked on 2 sides 3ms away from our berths were the men and women bathroom so we periodically got a lovely whiff. But at least we stayed dry in the middle and didn’t got splashed on by the rain and the water.

ferry (2)


Not pictured: habal-habal, customized motorcycle taxis. They usually have canopy on top and a few other adds-on to increase carrying capacity, e.g. panels on two sides. In Siargao, we rode from Cloud 9 to the ferry terminal on 1: the driver, me, Col, our 2 backpacks and 1 carry-on suitcase. My ass was ready to fall off the seat at all time.