People finally think that I look 18 now, instead of 14 like 6 years ago. That aside, these days I am constantly reminded that I’m aging.

– It takes me longer to recover from injuries. I slipped while hiking a waterfall in Phu Quoc and hit my tailbone hard. It’s still hurting. It even hurts just to sneeze.

– Related to above: I’m less capable of roughing it. Sure I can still sleep well on a hard floor, but long overnight bus trips aren’t that enjoyable anymore.

– My female friends here in Vietnam (my age) are busy with their fiances or husbands, with pregnancies or kids.

– I’m among the older group now in places that I go to and activities that I do: traveling, rock climbing, coffee shops.

My mom likes to remark every week that I’m gonna turn 30 in no time and need to up my mating & breeding game. Yet I still feel like an irresponsible kid, going off traveling and having fun. Sorry mom.