About 2 years ago while talking with a buddy about our love interests, I came to the conclusion: I’m not fit for dating the well-off.

I have nothing against guys with money or a promising career; I was simply observing based on past behaviors. Men that I have dated include a musician, a dancer and organic farmer and artisan, a filmmaker, and a carpenter. 6 years in school, I was surrounded with 20 and 30 something engineers, Ph.D holders and whatnot. Whatever attraction that I felt toward these academically and/or financially successful quickly faded. Many of them have the “ideal” profile for me: play sports, cook well, travel, be environmental-minded, etc. Yet it just didn’t click. I’m glad to say that my exes and now bf have been really great too. One thing that distinguish them from the not-bfs is that they don’t have 5-9 jobs and don’t have a lot in the bank.

Normally for my dating life, it wouldn’t matter a bit. I spend little, except for traveling. And even then, I do it cheap: camping by the beach, eating at holes-in-the-wall, picking up little dresses at second-hand markets.. I dig frugality and the simple joy of activities that don’t involve a lot of money.

But what if dating means spending at least $2k on airfare and expenses to be with each other for a month, and we struggle to pull it off twice a year. For years, I told countless friends that were in LDR that most of the time, it didn’t work; the success rate that I’d seen was about 5%. This time, which side of the statistics would I fall into?

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