I spend so much time daydreaming of exciting projects and never keep track of them, so it was a nice surprise to find a wish-list that I took the time to put down back in August, 2008. That’s 5 years ago. Makes me feel old.

Let’s see how many or how few I’ve unintentionally crossed off that list:

work for a chocolatier
This was written at the pinnacle of my infatuation with chocolate after a semester in France where I dropped uncountable euro bills at small yet so irresistible chocolatiers. While it’d still be nice as an experience, it’s no longer among my priorities. The mission now is simply finding a reliable source of good chocolate.

travel in Latin America
Only Peru and Mexico so far. I want more, more.

have a cafe, either a book cafe or a performing art one, or both
Has changed into a small hotel with a cafe

open a school with progressive teaching and learning (“pedagogy of the oppressed”) for disadvantaged youth
Still interested in teaching and counseling, but maybe not in a school. Many good friends have started successful businesses in education, mostly in test prep and college counseling for studying abroad. I had the opportunity to collaborate, but that demographic of  students is not where my heart is.

work for a TV channel, something like Discovery, focused on travel, lifestyle, and culture…
I guess everyone dreams of traveling to faraway places and doing cool things *sigh* I seriously would pack up and go at a moment’s notice if I get to work on a Herzog film.

learn how to play a musical instrument
I’ve laid hands on erhu and ukulele. Erhu I already gave up long time ago after college. Ukulele I still practice once in a while and I suck.

know well a style of dance
Sometimes I hate how I choose those that 1/need to be learned under strict guidance and 2/are barely known where I live, namely Bharatanatyam, and Hula. There are social dances like salsa, but they’re just that: social. I love dancing with friends for fun, but don’t bother to take classes to improve.

go parachuting/free-fall and bungee jumping
Skydove (or skydived?). Jumped off a 40ft cliff. I love jumping and falling.

learn to swim well and go diving, surfing, wind surfing, water skiing
How I hated it when people said swimming was easy and natural. Not at all! It was a long struggle, but now I can finally swim a bit in the ocean. So proud.

keep my English, improve my French, relearn Japanese, learn Spanish and Arabic
getting there…

spend some time in Israel/Palestine
Not yet, but still top of my list.