80% of the houses in the countryside are adorned with nationalistic slogans. By a wide margin, the most popular is a quote from Ho Chi Minh: Không có gì quý hơn độc lập tự do – Nothing is more valuable than independence and freedom. Others include: Long live Ho Chi Minh; Forever grateful to President Ho Chi Minh. Another one is the strange phrase Tiếp tục đổi mới để tiến lên – Keep reforming to move forward. A quick google search shows that it’s also a quote from Ho Chi Minh.

house slogans collage, propaganda, Quang Nam, VietNam

        house slogans collage 2, propaganda, Quang Nam, Vietnam

At first I thought for sure these are the sentiments of a region that fought the hardest and suffered the most during the American war. But soon enough, I started seeing big slogans popping out in the middle of rice fields and other random places, urging people to have no more than 2 kids, to not litter dead animals, to welcome the National Women’s General Assembly, to offer suggestions to improve the country, etc. This seems to be more indicative of the local government’s obsession with slogans.

The eeriest one reads: The Marc-Lenin doctrine and the Ho Chi Minh ideology are the champion forever.

propaganda, Quang Nam, Vietnam

propaganda, Quang Nam, Vietnam