Having combed through the web for accurate information on surfing in DaNang, I now would like to pay it forward with this informative post if you’re looking for some swell along this coast:

The season: October – February. Some small but irregular swells in March and early April.

The break:

  • Mỹ Khê: straight out from the T-section of Trường Sa road and Phan Tứ st. If there’re waves, you’ll see surfers out there.
  • Non Nước (the famous China Beach): 5 kms south, but if you don’t have your own board, better stick with Mỹ Khê. Beach access is by by Sandy Beach resort, you’ll see a sign.

The board:

  • Best option: the expat surfer enclave located on An Thuong 4, a few blocks from Mỹ Khê. Long term residents have congregated here on the same street, and some of them have extra surfboards to rent you.
    Gunnar, a German expat on An Thuong 4, is now renting out his boards. $4/hr for the 8′ and $3/hr for short boards. All in good condition; 8′ is almost brandnew. There’s a board rental sign in the front so you can find his place easily.
  • The well-known Tam’s Pub: on An Thuong 5, a couple of blocks from the enclave. Has a dozen of boards, including some ok short boards. Longer boards don’t have fins, or super sandy on top. I saw a big foam board. Current rate is 100 000 VND ($5)/day.
  • Da Boys Surf Shop: a couple of articles mention this place, but as far as my research shows it’s nonexistent.
  • Hoa’s b&b: by Non Nước beach, has unusable boards that people’ve left behind. Well, i guess it depends on your standard. If you can make do with one fin or lop-sided fin, there are a couple of them here.
  • Update Jul 2015: Chu’s hotel on An Thuong 1 has been renting out a handful of boards for the past year. They also sell wax ($5). There’s a new surf school in town, toward the northern part of the public beach. They have 26 boards to rent! An impressive number, including SUP, both foam and epoxy. But still quite pricey, so definitely geared toward foreigners and tourists ($10-15, per hour I’m assuming).

Forecast: My Khe surf report on Magic Seaweed