There should be a TV show dedicated to our love of noodle, highlighting the best regional dishes, the most curious ingredient combinations, the newest fusions… I’m sure there are more than enough topics to cover.

các món mỳ, bún Việt NamClockwise, from top left:

Bánh hỏi: skinny noodle strings woven together into bundles. Served cold with dipping sauces. A specialty throughout the southern central coast.

Mỳ Quảng: from the central province of Quang Nam but popular throughout the central. Here in Da Nang, you can see cooks shredding the white noodle right in the restaurants. Usually served with toasted sesame rice cracker.

Bún nước lèo: rice noodle in fish-flavored broth. Originally a Khmer dish, now with Chinese and Vietnamese influence. Most famous in the provinces of Tra Vinh and Soc Trang.

Cao lầu Hội An: specialty of the town of Hoi An. Tumeric-colored udon-like noodle whose complicated making process has spun a few urban legends. It’s said that the rice has to be first soaked in water filled with ash of a specific plant from the islands 15 kms away. It’s also a purist dish: there’s only one version.