Yesterday, I gave half of a presentation on “how to choose a college major” … in Spanish! I thought it went pretty well and I did a decent job in explaining – especially to the parents – the confusing system of a liberal arts education: how a major is just a part of your whole undergraduate degree, what it means to major or minor, how it is possible to have a major and a minor, two majors at the same time, etc. I was proud that I managed to stick to most of the public speaking principles that I’ve learned: energy level, interactiveness, eye contact, etc. and that I wasn’t fumbling on my Spanish. Still, I need to get the feedback from Megan.

On a less positive note, I just received a rejection email from Mundus M.A.P.P, the Master program in Public Policy in Europe. It’s a downright rejection and strangely, I don’t feel that rejected — maybe i’ll start tormenting myself once i’ve had time to chew on it more, but right now it’s just a bummer.