which was also Valentine’s this year, was spent in Veracruz carnavaling.

The parade itself was ok. The seats were charged 60 pesos each. I didn’t pay – we were among the illegals – but still thought it should have been free for all. There were raised platforms everywhere along the seafront where the parade took place. Before and after the parade, each of these platforms had their own programs to entertain the public. Some had bands playing, but most were just doing stupid games where half-naked or almost naked people humped each other on stage: guys-girls, guys-guys, girls-girls. I was really glad that I was with a couple of (Mexican) guys. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable at all had i been with just the girls.

The beer and the dancing were the best part – it’s a party after all. On Saturday, after the parade had ended around midnight, we headed to a free salsa concert by a supposedly very well-known singer from Puerto Rico. I was pretty bad in the beginning – could barely follow the beats, but I did manage to learn a few steps by the end. Latino guys are just so gracious when they dance *sigh*. There was an American girl in our group, Chelsea, who studied abroad in Colombia, and she danced super. I have to be honest and say that I was a little jealous to see her move. On Sunday, we started drinking around 4:30 p.m. and I didn’t sleep that night – was out until 5 in the morning. We walked from street to street, and stopped to dance whenever we came across a mariachi band or even if it was just a cervezaria blasting out music.