Second day in Mexico City, first day at work.

I’m totally exhausted. I had a full day from 9 to 5 (starting from tomorrow, it’s 8:30 to 5:30), I just spent 3 hours walking around to look for a room, and I’m still sick.

The first day was full of normal orientation stuff like who’s who, where’s where, until my boss, M. mentioned my blog and how it was not professional of me to portray the organization in a negative light. I was like: wait, what, my blog? what are you talking about? (*thinking: how the f*** did you come across about my blog?*) Imagine how incredulous I was. I suddenly remember that about a week ago, according to GoogleAnalytics, my blog had 4 visitors from Mexico City. Having no friends here, I was surprised but assumed that someone just stumbled upon my page through some random google link. I was dead wrong. They were my boss and her supervisors, reading one of the posts about my Mexican visa saga when I happened to mention E/USA. The exact quote is: “What’s more, E/USA, the organization I’m interning for in Mexico, might not even be authorized to pay foreigners.” At that time, I wrote the full name of the organization and apparently, the link was sent to the really high-up boss in Washington DC from Google Alerts. (For those of you out of the know, like myself, the program tracks down every single mention of a word of your choice – in this case, E/USA – posted in the net.) I myself think that all of my frustration was directed towards the Mexican consulate and definitely not E/USA, but I can see why they still thought that it constituted a “poor professional judgment.” It was an important lesson to learn, from now on, I just need to be extra careful when I mention these proper names. I was also a little uncomfortable that some people at work have seen my blog, though I’m sure that they have tons of other things to take care of and won’t go back to read it.