every day:
I sleep 9 hours, sometimes more,
I read about 7 hours – I finished Harry Potter 5, 6, and 7 in four days and a half,
I feast on Vietnamese food every lunch and dinner – that’s more than all the Vietnamese food I’d had in 3.5 years at Wesleyan.

I’m still here at Trang’s uncle’s waiting to hear about my Mexican visa. The consulate’s giving me hard times. They refused to give me a tourist visa and wanted to give me a work one instead, which would take one to five weeks to process. I’m supposed to start work next Tuesday and should have been in Mexico City by now. What’s more, Educ___USA, the organization I’m interning for in Mexico, might not even be authorized to pay foreigners.
Not at all sure what to do. I would love to leave Oakland. I’m not doing anything here, and I feel like I’m already overstaying and can’t freeload for much longer. I’m a little tempted to give up this whole Mexico thing, withdraw my visa application, take out my passport and go somewhere, anywhere. But I’m still clinging to the little hope inside me – I’ve already done so much to try to make this happen, including getting a new passport in one day – maybe with just one last push, this will go through and I’ll make it to Mexico, though a little late.