I haven’t posted here for so long. Countless reasons, including:

  • i went to Mumbai where i got my visa. After Mumbai, i spent most of the rest of my time in India traveling, except for a few days in Ahm’ where i was busy packing, saying bye to people, etc.
  • my Chirstmas/farewell gift from my roommate and her family was a dairy. So i had two beautiful journal notebooks (the other one is from Anna) and no reason for not using them.
  • it was easier to write journal than blog when i was traveling. Internet was expensive and unreliable.
  • once i’m back to school, i barely have time. I barely keep my journal any more, but will try to post more regularly here.

Some updates:

  • THE big thing: my parents might adopt. The kid’s parents passed away, but he still has 2 or 3 aunts and uncles and they haven’t made up their mind yet. We don’t know if they want to have someone adopt the kid or not, and if yes, whom they’re gonna pick. If things go through, i’ll have a brother, sort of weird ’cause i’ve been the younger child for already 20 years.
  • my senior essay is going nowhere, but i’ve been reading a lot on Vietnam which makes me really want to go back this summer (unlike the last one), but the chance of me getting enough money to fly home is kinda slim
  • so i’ve been thinking about going Peru. Peru because, just because. I want to pick up some Spanish, and it’s fucking cheap to go there – $400 for a round trip, and i figure i can find work at hostels in exchange for room and board while hanging out there.
  • and maybe Montreal too. Ysa was here a month ago, it was great, and she’s coming down again soon and we’ll spend a wk in NYC. She’ll be in Montreal for the whole summer, which gets me thinking maybe i should go visit her.
  • i missed the winter so much when i was in India. Now i’m absolutely sick of it, just want the spring to come, and get myself out of new england.