ibiza, spain

Feb 2008

Arrived in Ibiza. After some name confusion, i landed myself in a town in the north, either San Joan or San Antoni. I got off the bus at the last stop and realized my mistake right away. It was quiet, not because it was off-season or it was a Sunday but because there was absolutely nothing remotely attractive about it. But already too late to go back so I started looking for a hotel. I approached two school-aged little girls and almost failed at non-verbal communication. My gestures and drawings didn’t make much sense to them. It took them a full 15 minutes to understand what i was looking for: a place to eat and to sleep.

They took me to a small hotel-resto nearby. The room cost 20 euros which was quite an amount of money since i rarely ever pay for accommodation. But i needed it badly. I was feeling a fever coming. The owner must have been surprised that a tourist would come check in at that time.

I changed and realized that i’d run out of tampon. (For some reason, i always have my period when i travel.) I came downstairs, signaled to the waitress, who was punky cute and had a friendly wide smile, and nervously asked where i could buy some tampons. She didn’t speak English so well but understood the matter right away. She told me there was a store down the street where i’d be able to find some the next day. For the time being, luckily, she had a couple in a bag and gave them to me.

I rested a little bit and finally got myself up to take a look at the town. True to my first impression, it was ugly, full of unimaginative concrete gloomy buildings and the clouded February sky didn’t help. That was the opposite of what i had expected: beautiful nature on this famous island. A day wasted, but it did give me a little time to get better.

Back at the hotel, i ate dinner by myself. I am alone a fair amount of time; that time, i was lonely, just digging at my plate and staring at the wide screen from time to time. A few men were around watching a soccer match. The waitress had gone; in her place was a boy who had the same alternative look, and was cute. I wish i’d had the courage to come up and strike a conversation. I’m always so shy in situation like that, telling myself that cuteness and friendly smile is not enough of a reason to befriend young males.