my opinion of S. is, uhm, free falling, after talking with Vishal yesterday. He didn’t prompt me or anything. I’d already had my doubts and he confirmed it. Not that they’re doing evil work, on the contrary. But i don’t think it’s efficient, and most important, the man who’s running it is, i don’t know, i don’t have the word. and to be honest, i don’t have any firm ground for judgment, i barely know what’s going on, and to me personally, there’s nothing i can complain about. but it’s my hunch. and i feel bad trying to pimp it up and fundraise for it. It’s like deceiving people, not out of their money, just that i’m doing something that i don’t totally believe it, if that makes sense.
and i cannot quit, well, technically yes, i can, but they cover my food and housing for me, so that’s my moral (and financial) dilemma, cause if i quit and found some organization more worthy of my service, i’d have to pay out of my pocket for the rest two months.