My failings come more easily to mind than my good qualities, things what wish i had more than things i’m proud of already having. Yet, i’m quite content about myself. I think of myself as a good person overall, just that i don’t have any extraordinary qualities. Or am i deliberately trying to be modest, seeing already how others talking about their own good characters can turn me off?


  • what i like about myself: being open-minded (doesn’t mean non judgmental), polite, not picky/choosy.
  • what i’m proud of: adapting easily, and secretly, having lived in a few places abroad (but this is more like something i’m grateful to have had a chance to do so), and being a decent being.
  • what i’m afraid of: never find a partner (brutally honest)
  • happiest moment of my life: getting a scholarship to wesleyan. i wish i had something more romantic to say. but studying abroad in the U.S. was once my big dream. and my parents were also happy for me and proud of me. Of course there are moments when i felt great about life, usually when i see something beautiful, but that’s more like a feeling of serenity or humbleness.
  • what i wish i had: more aptitude. i have always wished i played a sport or had some artistic talent.