dalits in india
hazara in afghan
Probably everywhere, people find some groups to discriminate again. And a lot of time the discriminated would just accept it that way. “The resigning eyes of a sacrificed sheep.”

You know what’s oft said by tourists/travelers, how children in developing countries still enjoy themselves despite all their daily (and very likely lifetime) hardship, unlike the spoilt kids in materially advanced countries like the U.S.? i wonder if that’s true, that the lack of material wealth, instead of not “corrupting” them, blunt them? just see all the street kids struggling with hunger… what does it mean for them to grow up? not having the joy that’s commonly associated with childhood: being free from all concerns, what’s the word, carefree? and another truth is that, poor people here can get by with so little. we don’t want to use the word “development,” ok, but poverty is still a reality.