I thought i wasn’t spending much time outside. That was true. But going out was definitely not the best idea. I was exhausted for most of the week. Part of it was the yoga. Talk about 1 hour of yoga every morning, then another half an hour of biking to office, biking back at 8 p.m., going out till 11 p.m., ok, not at all that late, but 7 1/2 or 8 hours of sleep was not enough.
Did a bunch of cool things though. Saw Darpana’s opening season show. The show was just fine, but all the dancers were beautiful. Went to St. Xavier’s to see a documentary on religions, which was just ok. Met up with Anna to go to this cafe/shop, the fair price, co-op type. It was nice and all but i’m not into, a.k.a. cynical about that kind of place, though i can’t really explain why.

Sunday, worked half-day in the office. Then was taken to see this well, yes, a well to store water. I wasn’t too excited about the plan at first, but it turned out to be a masterpiece. Too bad i don’t have the photos yet. Met some cool guys, not sure if we’ll cross each other again. But one of them falls into the category of guys that i have history with: short, foreigner (this is relative), not staying here for long, not exactly in my field (as if i had one), and white. But can tell Anna and i have some similar tastes or intuitions lol.
Anyway, she’s an all-around nice girl, that’s definitely an underestimation, but i can’t really find the word. Trying to think who she reminds me of.

Just talked with Sarah and got the slides she prepared on my behalf for the Freeman dinner. It was the sweetest thing ever. On one of them, i was so fucking high (as in HIGH) on Foss Hill but i guess no one’d be able to guess. And that was some wicked photoshop she did on this photo. Just Love It. I’m supposed to be shopping and bargaining at a bazaar lol.