people tend to be on the look out for you, to go out of their way to help you
you’re unlikely to get into a fight with a stranger
you can see married women who never show their faces to any men not directly related to them (father, brothers, children), except the husband.
It also means:
In India, a conservative estimate claims 0.5 million missing girls a year.
In China, the sex ratio is 119.6 male : 100 female (CIA world factbook reports an 111:100), compared to the global 105:100. In the two southern provinces of Hainan and Guangdong, it’s 135.6 and 130.3, respectively. This skewed ratio has lead to a constant threat of cross-border kipnapping for Vietnamese women.

It doesn’t spare the “developed” South Korea and Taiwan either. No wonder about the overseas bride demand.