yay! everyone’s fav topic.

Vietnamese: small, mostly As and smaller. Seems to have been so forever and i haven’t seen much change in the past 10 years or so despite our diet heading into a new path. And for stupid reasons, we are still so embarrassed about it and can’t embrace it as part of our figure and feature.

French: have to say i’m not quite sure since i was there for only 6 months and it was cold most of the time so despite their fashionableness, people bundled up (in black or grey) so it was hard to judge. I’d say mostly As and Bs, look quite proportional to their shape.

American: huge. I’ve seen guys in Vietnam goggled their eyes out at Bs. In the U.S. Bs and Cs are such a common sight. Ds are fewer, but you still see them around.

Indian: have the most beautiful breasts that i’ve ever seen, no matter what size they are, from the skinniest to the chubbiest.

A side note: In the U.S, i wear an XS, sometimes an S, hate that feeling when i go shopping and find that every top and dress looks weird on me because of the bubble that my breast can’t fill in.
In France, I wear an S, clothes generally don’t have that breast “pocket” and plus, once i wear bras, my breasts have better shape so they fit better. However, my American friends had a lot of trouble finding something that gave their breasts enough space to breath.
In VN, I wear an M or an L (!?!?!) And sometimes, I ind things that would look like a binder on me, even when I’ve taken off my bras. Crazy. And have to keep in mind that my breasts are super small, like a typical Vietnamese.