4th day in A’bad and 3rd day in the office and a few important things that I realized some time before are reinforced:

– sitting at one place makes me feel restless, gluing my eyes to the computer exhausts me physically and mentally (wonder how computer engineers can cope with that exhaustion). Pacing around the office space is not enough to unleash my energy. I don’t think I’d be able to content myself with a 9-5 office job.

– i CANNOT stay with someone 24/7, unless said person gives me some reasonable personal space, i.e. doesn’t require me to communicate and to be present with him all the time, i can choose when i want to talk or listen.

– i don’t really talk about what i’ve accomplished, or for that matter, merely what i’ve done in my life, to people that i don’t know well. Yes, i can chit chat and drop in some details from time to time to build up the rapport and confidence, but no more. And I welcome people to confide in me, it makes for easy conversation, and I do think of myself as a sympathetic (and sometimes even empathetic) listener, but no more than that! Incessant talking kills all the fun in verbal exchange, especially when i’m NOT asking any questions. It tires and bores me. And if it revolves mainly around personal achievements, it breeds nothing but the reverse effect on me because I’ve grown more and more allergic/aversed to anything akin to a personality cult.

– i need a supporting work environment, which fortunately i’m having, and which includes: friendly coworkers, and supervisors who guide, not dictate or impose on me.

– diversity in my activities is one of my existential needs; i have to split myself up; i am simply not able to get consumed in one single thing

– pros and cons of working with people whose mother tongue I don’t understand (will expand on this regarding traveling): people’s amusement with me trying to learn a few Hindi phrases, their eagerness (and mine) to overcome our different accents, etc. The other side of it is that it’s unlikely that i’ll develop any deep relationship with my coworkers, with language being such an essential part in the way i communicate with the world. I don’t really know what’s going on in the office, the dynamics, the talk, the argument and conflict (if they do exist) and how they’re resolved. I’d want to learn not only professional, but also relationship skills. For that reason, I’m distancing myself from the search of an internship next summer in some place like Japan. My Japanese has degraded rapidly, in an out of control manner and it’d take a lot of time to rebuff it.