A-genius. Full of sarcasms, self-poking fun.

a list of topic in March and things that apply to me:

Modern Furniture – beh
The Idea of Soccer – i grew up in VN, so “the idea” should be eliminated
Graduate School – true
Hating Corporations– too true
Bad Memories of High School – nope, i went to school in Vietnam
T-shirts – i’m ambiguous about this
The Wire – no comment, haven’t watched it yet.
Shorts – yup, except it’s not working this summer in VN; i’m mass attacked by mosquitoes.
Outdoor Performance Clothes – nope, i’m not at all sportive, especially by white standard.
Having Gay Friends – true, considering that i go to Wes, no surprise that at least half of my friends are queer
Saint Patrick’s Day – true, i was in New Orleans for SPD, no reason why i shouldn’t like it
Dinner Parties – true
San Francisco – true, even though i’ve never been there
Paris – sad but true
Should Children Drink Wine – again i grew up in VN; this is not the question.
Music Piracy – what can i say!? the only thing that i’ve ever paid for “full price” was probably Radiohead’s In Rainbows.