picked Dave up at Daewoo hotel, went to look for a xe om driver to take him home. Seeing his white skin, they decided to double the price. I could have easily paid 15,000VND but didn’t like that attitude so I bargained. All of them made a volte face and started berating me.

at each crossroad, after the red light’s turned green, everyone, lips tightened, struggles to speed forward, but sometimes no one can move because it’s too crowded. And for some reason, people still honk endlessly. What do they think it’d solve? I notice that most of them drive (or at least the honk sounds like it comes from a car).

today when we got to Canh, there were cars in both directions so they slowed down so as not to scratch each other. Some motorbikes “mindlessly” took to the left and ended up stopping right in front of the cars going in the other direction. Traffic Jam!

Sometimes it’s just hard to understand. Is it because they think for themselves (although in the long run they don’t gain a thing) or because they can’t think for others?